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Hotspot / AAA User Management 

UTM / gateway Security Product



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Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

1. IP Passthrough ,
2. Network Sniffer
3. User based box
4. Perpetual license – even after expiry it will work, others will become basic router
5. Scalable product
6. Devices cover entry level to enterprise level

It depends on Model. By default All device should have One LAN Port for Local Network. One WAN Port for Internet Connection Minimum. 2+ more port device you could configure based on the LAN and WAN Connectivity. Eg: 4 Port with 3 WAN and 1 LAN or 2 WAN and 2 LAN or 2 WAN and 1 LAN and one free port

It will work over IPSec with any device in the market. If it is Tacitine in all location then we use SSL if from different vendor then via IPSec

No, But if customer need updates, support and appliance warranty he has to renew. Customer can use the appliance with last update he received on the valid license date. Our competitive products does not have this feature, customer has to compulsory renew otherwise UTM will get converted to a basic router.

No, It will not. But Our device will terminate the affected pc from internet if it is found using abnormal traffic that goes beyond threshold level.

2 Ways one via Monitor and Keyboard second via UI

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